Mar 2016

Photographers Secret Weapon

It is always easy to tell if a landscape photographer is serious about his craft as regardless of camera make, collections of lenses or any other piece of equipment except one. This will be a professional quality tripod and head. These are expensive and unglamorous bits of lumpy equipment that seem to get in the way of the taking that important photograph.

A tripod does slow you down but that’s exactly the point. It will make you look and ponder, to think through your composition, it will ensure your verticals and horizontals are correct – I learnt this year’s ago when using large and medium format cameras for architectural work. Unless a photograph is deliberately out of plane for effect there is nothing more annoying in a landscape image to see converging buildings and a slightly wonky horizon.

There is another reason also to use a tripod which is equally important. The optimum time to take battlefield shots are dawn and dusk as mentioned in an previous blog . At these times there is rarely enough light to operate a fast shutter speed. Plonk your camera on a tripod – problem solved! It doesn’t not matter if you have a two or even ten second exposure, the image will be sharp.

Next time aerial combat – shooting from the skies …..

Vancouver Corner 013 copy

Canadian Memorial - Vancouver Corner Ypres, taken before dawn at 'Stand To' time