Apr 2016

Shooting from the skies- do and dont's aerial photography

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When I had the opportunity to go up in a micro-lite over the Somme it was Dads Army's Corporal Jones's response of 'don't panic' that came to mind. Luckily I have had long experience of photographing from helicopters and small planes as a commercial photographer so was able to take all in my stride.
As usual it is good preparation that ensures good results, you don't want to be wondering about f stops and shutter speeds when you are up 400 feet in the air. Set your camera to speed priority at a 1000th of second and put it the iso up to 400 and you are ready. It is pretty blowy in an open air machine so wrap up well and ensure everything is attached to you by a strap and don't fumble a lens change mid flight ! - I used two camera bodies to get the shots I wanted.

The results were spectacular - but you will need to buy the book to see all the shots I took, but this one is a favourite - Knightsbridge cemetery on the Somme.

Thanks to David and Julie at
No 56 B&B (an excellent place to stay) for arranging the flight out of La Boisselle and for taking some of these photos.

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