Battlefields of The Western Front 1914-18

Our book, Silent Landscape: The Battlefields of the Western Front One Hundred Years On (published in 2016; 2nd edition to follow in Autumn 2018), explored the impact of the fighting on the landscape, showing how the physical effects of war have left indelible traces. Our second book, Silent Landscape at Gallipoli - The Battlefields of The Dardanelles – One Hundred Year On, follows the same theme, while also acknowledging the naval operation to force the Dardanelles that preceded the landings in April 1915. Naval power in the narrow Straits seemed to offer a novel and daring solution to the deadlock of the Western Front, but it was not to be. With the failure at sea, the troops landed on Gallipoli in late April 1915, to face the same trench warfare and stalemate that the campaign was intending to avoid. The entire expedition ended in failure.
As with our first book, we have decided to show the landscape as it is today, just over 100 years on from the fighting. Gallipoli was a quiet place before then, as it is today, however the evidence of war is still here and not difficult to find. Most obviously are the many cemeteries and memorials, but there are many other traces of war, in the fields, deep gullies, along the coast, and at sea. While this was an alien and unwelcoming landscape to those invaders who came here in 1915, it now has an entirely different purpose. Silent Landscape strives to capture the essence of this remote place, in both words and pictures.

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"A century on, these stunning photographs highlight the haunting beauty of this once harrowing battlefield.
Gallipoli’s extreme drama is told through its pages using some of the most remarkable images the eye has seen - a wonderful book."
Stephen Chambers

"James Kerr’s photographs superbly evoke the haunted landscape of the Western Front. Simon Doughty’s supporting text strikes just the right note. A terrific book.”
Sebastian Faulks

“A beautifully-crafted book with a large number of stunning photographs by James Kerr and thoughtful complimentary text by Simon Doughty, Silent Landscapes is a fitting tribute to the men and women who fought on the Western Front, while simultaneously offering the battlefield visitor a visually stunning accompaniment. The aerial images are fascinating, and the winter shots particularly striking.  The book is highly recommended.”
Richard van Emden

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Simon Doughty was commissioned into The Life Guards in 1976 and retired from the Army in 2009. He is a graduate of War Studies at Kings College, London, is a member of the British Commission for Military History, the Society of Army Historical Research, and the Army Records Society. As a battlefield guide, he has worked for Holts Battlefield & History Tours and occasionally takes friends on visits to First and Second World War battlefields. He is the Editor of The Guards Magazine and the author of 'The Guards Came Through; The Guards Regiments in The Great War'.

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James Kerr has been a commercial, garden and landscape photographer for over twenty years. The First World War has always held a great fascination and he has visited the Western Front many times with his camera. Before becoming a photographer he spent seven years in the Coldstream Guards. His work has been published in several books on the war as well as 'Shakespeare's Scenery' a coffee table book of Warwickshire with foreword by Dame Judi Dench

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